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How do you avoid this? I have four methods. One, pretend to be gay. Go to the roller rink with a friend and skate with him during couple's skate. Be careful though: word spreads fast, and the fact that you and you're buddy decided to go to the roller rink doesn't help your case much. The second option is to hop onto a couple already in progress and when stopped by the staff (they will top you sometimes, that's why simply continuing to skate alone won't work), explain that you, "like to get freaky." The third is a little bit different, identify yourself as a schizophrenic immediately upon entering the building and skate with someone that only you can see.
The last is probably the best though. Simply catch up to a single girl as she is leaving the floor and ask her to skate just close enough to you for the next three minutes that people not looking closely will assume you are together.

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