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Real name: Mattias Andrée
E-mail address: (base64 -d<<<bWFhbmRyZWUK;echo|sed 'N;s|\n||g'
OpenPGP fingerprint: 2FDB ECEF 0E05 36F4 A05C  A62E CE30 6090 E98B 08C7 (mirror)

I'm currently not using Codeplex and projects here may be out of date, go to by GitHub account for up to date repostories, and to see all my projects.

Some of my projects do not have CodePlex-approved licensing (multiple
licenses or AGPL3), for all my projects see my GitHub account.

Because of some critical deficiencies, CodePlex is currently not
my perferred service, but I hope it can be.
  • No key-file (via SSH) support.
  • AGPLv3 is not in the license-list.
  • ISC is not in the license-list.
  • Projects cannot be use multiple licenses. (I ignore this for documentation.)
  • No release tracking.
  • Rejects long passphrases (cannot use memorable passphrases.)

Projects I cannot host here:

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