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CUDA Tuning with CUDAfy
Hex-Grid Utilities for Board Game Developers
PGIrony - Tookit & Examples for AST Generation with Irony


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I wrote my first FORTRAN program in 1972, and learned about hardware interrupts, saving registers, and why one block-indents code while writing a PDP-15 device driver for the Queen's University Physics Dept. in 1975.

From 1983 to 1990 I built CAD/CAM applications using FORTRAN, and since 1990 I have built database applications and Domain-Specific Languages using C, C#, VBA, SQL Server, and assorted parser/scanner tools.

When not writing code I enjoy strategy board games, an evening of tournament bridge, or whatever activity provides an opportunity to spend time with my (now almost grown-up) kids.

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