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What I like: Computers, Electronics, Programming, Food, A/C, Dragons, and roller coasters. Tell me those don't go together.

I program a lot, my mother was/is a programmer and I often put on websites that ask for a bio: "Wake up, program, breakfast, program, lunch, program, dinner, program, sleep". One thing I learned from my mother was don't make more work then you have to. For this reason I use a lot of external libraries, but I also like learning and challenging myself (often to do things that head devs at Google, Apple, Microsoft, etc. have said they would never do).

Ok, I'm bragging. But if there are any things that annoy me it's being told "No you can't"/"It's not possible" and the format of code. The first part basically means if I find a library/program I want to use on some device (BlackBerry/PC/Xbox/etc.) I will make it work on that device. The second part means that I may have a bunch of source updates that do nothing more than change the spacing between code.

CodePlex will probably be my repository of ports but maybe I'll put up some original code. (For a slightly more detailed description, read the "From" text in BlackBerry eXtensions)

While I do still use/plan to use Codeplex, I have a lot of other code on Github

Since CodePlex will be shutdown, I moved all projects (as they were all Hg projects) to my BitBucket profile. I also have a Github profile with other projects.

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