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Over 40 years in the electric power industry and over 27 years of computer software development.

As Manager of Availability Support from 1986 to 1998, collected and analyzed reliability (GADS) and cost data and developed the overhaul schedules and outage plans for TU Electric's Fossil Generation division which consisted of nine lignite fired units at four plants with a total capacity of 5,825 MW and forty-six gas/oil fired steam cycle units and fifteen simple cycle combustion turbine units at nineteen plants with a total capacity of 13,100 MW. In addition, availability support was also provided to the Company's two nuclear units at one site with a total capacity of 2,300 MW. Total production from these units was over 91 million MWh annually.

Developed the corporate databases that contain unit performance (GADS) and cost data for all TU Electric generating units. Analysis performed by the TU Electric Availability Support group included effects on performance from O&M expenditures and unit aging; on unit performance by fuel type and quality, boiler manufacturer, unit design as well as other relevant factors; and on performance measures resulting from the type of unit service (base load or peaking) and changes in unit service from original design.

The founding developer of the GADS data collection and reporting software, which has been in use since 1987. More than 75% of the generating companies reporting to NERC and NYISO have used this initial GADS software.

Author of the GADS NxL Data Entry software and the GADS NxL Analysis & Reporting software, responsibilities included the support and development of both programs including training and custom report development for clients. The software is used to report the Generating Availability Data System (GADS) event and performance data to the North American Electric Reliability Council (NERC), the New England ISO, and the New York ISO; and was used by client utilities to calculate the performance and reliability measurements for their own electric generating units from the GADS data.

Secretary of the IEEE Standard 762 Working Group of the IEEE Power Engineering Society that was responsible for revising IEEE Standard 762-1987 and producing a draft for approval through the IEEE ballot process. This resulted in IEEE Standard 762™-2006.

Electric Reliability Council of Texas’ (ERCOT) representative on the North American Electric Reliability Council’s Regional Advisory Working Group that established and reviewed the national reporting standards for the Generating Availability Data System used by the electric utilities the United States, Canada, and northern Mexico.

A member of the Atomic Industrial Forum's Economic Survey Task Force to study the economic and reliability performance for nuclear, coal and oil electric-generating units and a member of the AIF National Environmental Studies Project Task Force that oversaw the development of the Guidelines for Producing Commercial Nuclear Power Plant Decommissioning Cost Estimates.

Past Chair of the ASME Reliability, Availability and Maintainability Committee (RAM) Committee of the ASME Power Division. The RAM Committee directs attention to the reliability, availability and maintainability of electric power generation equipment and systems in both the utility and independent power environments.

Website: http://www.ronfluegge.com

Specialties: C#, VB.NET, C++, ASP.NET, SQL Server, Oracle, WPF

Software Patents
  • U.S. Patent 7,447,611 - Power Generation Performance Analysis System and Method
  • U.S. Patent 7,941,296 - Benchmarking and Gap Analysis System and Method
  • U.S. Patent 8,050,889 - Performance Analysis System and Method
  • U.S. Patent 8,055,472 - Performance Analysis System and Method
  • U.S. Patent 8,060,341 - Performance Analysis System and Method

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