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My name is Ron. I do NOT program professionally or anything like that. I do write SOME code at work, but only small projects. I hadn't really done any coding since High School... WoW ! ... but got into doing some Linux BASH scripting and then messing around with Grub2 and Syslinux boot menus for USB sticks/drives and stuff like that. My interest was sparked again, and got into Visual Basic last year (Mar 2012). Had a lot of fun with that, but decided to switch over to C# due to the larger community and double the amount of documentation (books, etc). I also wanted to learn it to program a Netduino Plus 2 :-) I received one for Xmas 2012 and have had a BLAST programming it so far.

We'll see where this year leads .....

Thanks for visiting.

Also, check out my photography site, if you'd like:

Thank you to the Netduino community:

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