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I am the Connected Systems/SOA Practice Lead for Neudesic, a Microsoft Gold and Managed Partner. We work closely with Microsoft MCS and CSD. Sam Gentile leads and operates the Connected Systems/SOA Practice for Neudesic. Neudesic is a Microsoft Gold Certified & Managed Partner with a proven track record of providing effective solutions based on Microsoft's technology platform. My practice conducts Service Oriented Analysis & Design with Delivery through Microsoft WCF, BizTalk Server 2006 R2, WF and other technologies.

Sam Gentile is internationally known and recognized for his comprehensive expert Microsoft and .NET knowledge, and has been acknowledged by Microsoft as an Solutions Architect MVP. Sam is also an INETA Speaker, having delivered .NET training to user groups and companies all over the world. Sam is employed by a major international firm as an Agile Software Architect and Team Lead. His team utilizes full Agile practices as well as WinFX technologies like WCF, and .NET to rapidly deliver business value.

Sam was previously the SOA/Architect and Team Lead for Algo Collateral NextGen, a $2 Million SOA product based on WCF Services, deployed to large banks.

Sam previously was the Chief .NET Architect at Adesso Systems. In this role, he was responsible for all architectural and design aspects of a future line of .NET based products, working with .NET based technologies present and future. There is a particular emphasis on occasionally-connected smart mobile edge device architectures and synchronization technologies.
Prior to joining Adesso Systems., he worked as the Architect and Technical Lead for bcgi Mobile Guardian(TM) a .NET-based solution providing carriers the ability to offer subscribers Web-based controls to manage wireless phone usage and expense. In addition to his .NET experience, Sam Gentile brings over 22 years of comprehensive software industry experience using a wide array of technologies ranging from the VAX 11/780 Minicomputer days to state of the art Longhorn technologies.
Of particular relevance is his experience during 1996-2000 helping flesh out ideas on Ward Cunningham's Wiki which led to Extreme Programming (XP), for which Sam is acknowledged in Ron Jefferies and Kent Beck's books. Check out Ward and Sam's Channel 9 video on this.
Sam Gentile's experience with .NET began in 1999 during the early pre-Beta 1 period. He participated in the .NET Early Adopter Program (EAP) while architecting and implementing a .NET N-Tier product for NaviSite in 2000. During his nearly six years of .NET experience, Gentile has architected, developed and delivered over ten major .NET-based products or systems, one of which, the Groove Toolkit for Visual Studio .NET, won a JOLT award.
As a Microsoft .NET Consultant, Sam has worked with Microsoft, Pacific MindWorks, and Groove to solve difficult .NET problems and help deliver Microsoft .NET products. Sam is internationally recognized for his overall .NET knowledge, with his .NET Web Log being viewed “as the pulse of the .NET community” (and being one of the first 3 .NET blogs on the planet) as well as speaking at conferences such as VSLive! and DevTeach on advanced .NET topics. Sam is also frequently called upon by Microsoft to participate in Software Design Reviews for future products such as Indigo to lend his expertise. He is the co-author of (Wrox's Professional Visual C++ .NET),, as well as articles published by MSDN, O’Reilly, and .NET Developer’s Journal. Sam has been a software engineer since 1985, after graduating with a BSEE in Computer Engineering.

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