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If ever there was a loaded lead-in it’s “Describe yourself.” Let’s face it, we can all say whatever we want on the internet because how many of those stalkers and general freaks are we ever gonna meet? While that statement alone may defunct anything else said on this page, I plan on giving it one helluva shot to be acutely disappointing and tell the truth, as I see it.

I am a dork, a geek, a techie, and a general all around sarcastically humorous type of guy. I firmly believe when you call a help desk that they should reserve the right to set you on fire if your question is stupid. Of course, I only wish that was allowed. Instead I have to be courteous and very helpful in my job as I work in a call center doing tech support for a financial corporation. I have worked in the technology field now since the mid 90′s. That’s right, almost straight outta high school.

At first, I helped UniDial Communications in moving a data communications position from the IT Department over to Operations. That job consisted of sending changed telecommunications records and importing updates from the various carriers I sent them too each hour. I worked with the IT Department to take over this work and to improve it. I also worked with them when they began working with IXC Communications to help debug the new data collection and transfer programs for that company.

My next job was with Computers By Design doing general tech work on customer’s computers, building machines, networking installation and support, and even traveling to work a booth at various computer shows around Indiana, Kentucky, Ohio, and Tennessee. That’s really where I learned it doesn’t matter what your IQ is, it’s your common sense when it comes to this type of field. My boss has an IQ of over 170 and was a member of MESA but I swear he had no common sense. When it came to troubleshooting he was lost unless it was something he had read about or learned after hours. He was a great guy, just … well … hardheaded. The nice thing about the experience gained there was the interaction with all the different hardware for computers and networking. I helped set up networks in body shops, fire stations, police stations and more.

I left that job to start working with my family at our own store. It was pretty much all the same work there though. That is when my ADHD really kicked in. Even though I was dealing with the day to day operations of a business, involved in the accounting and record keeping, working as much or little as needed and wanted, I got very restless. I like to keep on the move and keep things changing. After finally five years of that work, for personal reasons, the business was closed down and I went on doing contract work for a while. I would have other jobs as needed when contract work was slow (which was often). I did work for Fuji Films and several software and web design companies as well.

As this continued to stale (because of my lack of drive) I went back to my roots working with my hands. I began working for a company out of California doing Hotel Remodel and construction. After a job in Indianapolis I came home due to my ex-wife being pregnant with my youngest and my parent’s health declining. For the next 4 years I have worked in call center environments doing tech-support.

With the company I work for now, I support over 300 applications and best effort on some hardware via telephone and with remote desktop software. I have also done minor work writing IT scripts using AutoIT scripting software to automate a lot of tasks performed on a lot of calls. I also wrote a quick and easy application for techs to make their notes with for calls using a template they want us to use now. My nephew and I spent ohhhh, 30 minutes or so on it one night at home. I later expanded it to allow minimizing to the system tray and automatically launching PCAnywhere to connect to the person’s computer. Since then, the application has exploded in growth and use. There are now tabs in the application to monitor your own daily stats, use the KB system we have (and auto insert it’s url into your notes), and even an Email Forms tab. The Email Forms tab is the largest update to it thus far. This is a custom XML Based loading of WinForms designed with visual designer I built as well. Filling out the form has a lot of custom properties as well such as Required, Required By Other Field, and so forth. It will then open an Outlook Template file and pre-fill in the template as needed with the information for escalations that was entered in the application.

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