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Hello, my name is Thord Johansson. I am 16 years old (2009-08-14) and I live in Sweden. For the record, I have been developing for over 5 years now and have only recently started to develop with more serious intentions. Check out my website:

Previous languages (in order)
  • QBASIC / QuickBasic
  • Visual Basic 6.0
  • Visual Basic .NET 2003
  • Visual Basic .NET 2005

Today I develop in Visual Basic .NET 2008.
As you can see I develop in VB.NET for the most part, but I have basic knowledge in the C# language - although it is not a language I am completely familiar with. At the time I type this, I am still learning a little on how to use it but with my Visual Basic knowledge it shouldn't be too hard. For those who want to know, I also develop in Hypertext Preprocessor (PHP) and ActionScript 2.0 - both of which I am very much familiar with.

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