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Hello, I'm Matt. I think that you're pretty awesome.

I work at Microsoft as a PM on the ASP.NET team. My job is to make server-side programming easier for web developers, especially those just learning or have a need for rapid prototyping. I've been an avid PHP developer since 1997 and I'm super-excited to get paid for my hobby :)

You might know me better from my prior life at MS... I spent a few years building IE8, where I was the Program Manager for Extensibility and Tools. I focused on the development, implementation, and sustainment of features such as the IE Developer Tools, ActiveX, Protected Mode, and Behaviors. You can help me buy coffee by purchasing my book, Pro IE 8 & 9 Development, from Amazon at

I spent three years drinking my way through a BSE in Computer Engineering from Case Western Reserve University in Cleveland, Ohio.

My blog and webpage are located at If you'd like to yell at me, ask me out on a date, or send me tasty microbrews, feel free to email me at or send me a text at 425-922-7646. Please don't sign me up for SkyMall.

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