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I've been writing software since the days of plugboards, punched cards, and machine-language programming. Currently. my favorite computer language is C#, so that's the language I have used for the TDS examples. TDS is a weekends-and-evenings project for me, and my cat sometimes tries to help, but he is not a very good typist. So... you will likely see updates here only occasionally.

I feel that clear documentation and a reasonable amount of testing are good insurance against troublesome bugs, but that writing unit tests can be unpleasantly burdensome. It's easy to become tempted to skip over the testing in an effort to complete a project quickly. In case you feel that no amount of testing can ever prove that a given function member will always work correctly, I'm inclined to agree (good design is important, too), but I've also seen some embarrassingly flawed code (even some in printed books!) that apparently nobody had ever tested at all, before publishing it. ;-(

TDS grew out of some of my own projects, in which I found myself copying and adapting existing test methods to apply them to new procedures, so I worked on encapsulating the essence of some of these test methods to speed up the process. I understand that TDS is not suitable for some kinds of development projects, and familiarizing yourself with it may take a couple of hours, but I hope that it can help you save time and effort in unit-testing the code in your own startup projects. Good luck!

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