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Simple but Cool Silverlight Message Boxes (Info, Error, Confirm, etc.)
Simple Silverlight Multiple File Uploader


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Thanks for taking the time to visit my CodePlex account.

I am a Microsoft enthusiast and an overall avid programmer at UCLA majoring in Computer Science and Engineering. Working as a senior developer at Global Bio Lab, in California NanoSystems Institute, I have been managing Windows servers, administrating SharePoint 2010 and Team Foundation Servers, developing websites, and coding Silverlight 4 applications along with other various IT related responsibilities. As a hobby, I am also very active in Microsoft Tech forums with a goal of becoming an official contributor.

I am also glad to say that I was funded to present my latest Silverlight-based application at Lab Automation 2011 this February at Palm Springs. If you would be interested, my research abstract and poster presentation are published at MP44: Lab Import.

On a more technical note, as a national award winning programmer, I am very confident in Java, C/C++, C#, and various other scripting and animating languages such as ActionScript, JavaScript, and Python. On the server-side, I am versed in utilizing PHP, JSP, ASP.NET, and several content management systems such as Drupal and Joomla to deploy a user-friendly, robust, and efficient web applications.

In the research spectrum of computer science, I have conducted research projects in cryptography analysis, randomized algorithms, and np-complete program solutions. Presenting my projects at several science-related poster research organizations, I have received a number of honors including U.S. Naval Science Award.

Still a Sophomore, I am interested in various Computer Science related fields but haven't chosen a single path yet; nevertheless, I love programming and working with fun and interesting projects.

If you any have questions about my background, work experience or the projects that I have completed, don't hesitate to email me at khalzoroCannot resolve macro, as no renderers were found.[at]yahooCannot resolve macro, as no renderers were found.[dot]com. Also, you may find relevant information such my resume at www.zorayr-khalapyan.com.

Best Regards,

Zorayr Khalapyan

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