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Brock Allen lives in the United States and specializes in web technologies. He holds three degrees (one of which is in Computer Science) from Tufts University. He has been working in software ever since he was a kid (starting with BASIC on the Atari 800), but started professionally in 1995 with C++ and Win32 on Windows 95. In the unmanaged world he has done development with COM, COM+, MFC and VB6. Once .NET was released he shifted to C# and ASP.NET and has been focusing on the web ever since.

Brock has a broad set of skills in the web sphere from client-side JavaScript, jQuery and HTML5 to intimate server-side knowledge of ASP.NET (including IIS, WebForms, MVC and WebAPI). He has a particular interest in security and applies that perspective to every project he works on. He also enjoys educating others in his field of expertise and focuses on authentication protocols such as WS-Federation and OAuth2, claims-based identity and access control with Windows Identity Foundation as well as common vulnerabilities in application development and how to mitigate these attacks.

Currently Brock is an independent consultant specializing in .NET, web development, and web-based security with almost 20 years of industry experience. He also is an author and instructor for the premier developer training company DevelopMentor where he manages the web curriculum. Brock also is member of ThinkTecture and contributes to the various open source projects there. He also frequently posts to the ASP.NET forums, is a MVP for ASP.NET/IIS, a member of ASPInsiders and a contributor to the ASP.NET platform.

Brock lives in Barrington, RI and can be reached at

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