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I am living near Paris since 1947 ( that explains Papy )
My family is from a part of France called Normandy ( it is why Normand )

I am trying to help posters on the MSDN us Forums especially about SQL Server ( i am moderator for 4 forums including the SMO/DMO Forum )

My first program, i wrote it in Basic in 1967 a long time ago.
I have developped in COBOL,C,Pascal, even in Algol,APL and PL1 , applications for banks,insurance companies during 25 years, but my specialities were system programs and databases maintenance ( Image , Oracle and SQL Server )
My prefered language is VC#, but i accept to write in VB.
I gave up VC++ ( used in versions 4 to 6 ) when i discovered VC# in 2003

I have 2 boys

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