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Ted Dunsford has a Ph.D. in Engineering and Applied Science from Idaho State University. He is currently working for GEI Consultants in California as part GIS software developer, part Engineering Hydrologist. He developed the MapWindow 6.0 project from its earliest stages to its modern incarnation as DotSpatial. The library currently supports other ventures like HydroDesktop and D4EM. DotSpatial, HydroDesktop and various versions of MapWindow are being coordinated by Dr. Daniel P. Ames P.E. at the geospatial software lab in Idaho Falls, ID. Ted also has a Masters in Physics from Mississippi State University (2001). The title of his Master's thesis was "The Fully Automated Correction of Maps using Digital Photographs from the IKONOS Satellite." He has also worked in industry, including large scale construction management and oversight, environmental site assessment, operation & maintenance of environmental remediation systems, and the development of custom GIS software.

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