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Denver camper dealers It would be reasonable to expect that the best RV dealers in Colorado would be located in Denver. Well, it turns out that the company that is top rated among Colorado RV dealers is located in one of the smallest towns in the entire state. That town is South Fork. Being four hours away from Denver and having a permanent population of just more than 400 people, you might scratch your head wondering how an RV dealership could survive, let alone thrive in a place like this. Well, part of the reason for the success of Holiday RV South lies in the fact that South Fork is one of the most popular RV resort destinations in the entire country. At an elevation of 8,200 feet, the summers are mild and people from all over the Southwest flock here to escape the overwhelming heat in their hometowns in Oklahoma, Arizona and Texas. The South Fork area has an abundance of outdoor recreational opportunities and many visitors stay for the entire summer. Surprisingly, these summer visitors represent just a small part of RV Steals and Deals annual sales. They do things much differently than most Denver RV dealers and it allows them to sell wonderful RVs to clients all over the United States.

You might wonder what a small, out of the way RV dealer could do to compete with some of the larger RV dealers in Denver. Well, a lot of their success has to do with the fact that from day one they adopted a very customer centric business philosophy. Basically, they reversed engineered the entire customer experience so that they could provide potential customers with the kind of sales experience that they really want. No one likes high pressure sales. Most people don't want a salesperson hanging all over them when they are looking at RVs. A lot of people would rather do the deal over the phone or by email rather than having to get face to face with a salesperson. Most people hate negotiating prices. The owners of this dealership addressed a

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